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"Working with Amber has been one of the best decisions that I've ever made for myself!  The transformation that I've had in my life since starting to work with her has been so refreshing!  I'm feeling so much better about the direction I'm heading and feel like I've had a total shift in my mindset.  Already cannot wait to renew!"

-Rachel, 32

"I wasn't sure what to expect when hiring a life coach, but now have experience, firsthand, the many benefits of having one!  I love leaving each session with a focus that I can take action on right away.  As a busy mom of 3, Amber has helped me to find more balance, so that I can thrive in each of my roles in life."

-Ericka, 42

"Until I started to work with Amber, I didn't understand just how much our thoughts impact our decisions, actions and overall life.  She really helped me realize the importance of doing the hard work in order to make the life I envisioned for myself come true."

-Lydia, 28

"This woman is amazing! She’s motivational, real, and inspiring! I went to a vision board workshop. She was organized, prepared and creative. She was so helpful breaking down my goals for the year and how to create an action plan. It was so fun and the time flew by. She also does monthly goal setting with me. She helps me come up with realistic yet challenging goals. She offers resources that might help me achieve them (books, visuals, ect). Then she checks in on me throughout the month and pushes me to reach them. She’s flexible about when and how (zoom, text, FaceTime) we meet. I’ve reached many goals I didn’t think I could with Amber’s coaching and support! I can also reach out to her at any time if I’m struggling or need advice and she has thoughtful and encouraging words for me. I highly recommended The Proactive Woman. "

-Carrie, 32

"My daughters and I attended Amber’s vision board workshop and it was so fun! Amber’s organized style of manifesting the life she wants is so inspiring and she knows how to successfully share those talents with other women! I definitely recommend meeting with Amber, her skills are life changing."


"What I love about The Proactive Woman is that it is a shame-free zone. I have felt comfortable enough to open up and really get to the root of things since the beginning. Amber helps me address lingering obstacles to meeting my goals because she gives me a space to realize and talk about them first with judgement. Also, the program and health coaching is action oriented and measurable. You know you are making progress!"

-Brianna, 31

"So thankful for the help of The Proactive Woman in helping me figure out my career/life balance and finding happiness again!  I never thought a life coach would be something I would try, but I encourage anyone to explore the idea! Hit her up!


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