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Stressed out, Mama? Here are 5 Tips to Help!

Does motherhood have you stressed out & feeling exhausted?

Here are 5 tips, for all moms, looking to regain their energy (& sanity) throughout this crazy, lovely experience that we call motherhood!

Eliminate Stress & Regain Your Energy (& Sanity!)


Following These 5 Tips!

  1. Become VERY clear & name what helps you feel REFRESHED & REFUELED (....and please don't just list yoga & bubble baths because those are what are "supposed" to help you feel refreshed). Really dive deep getting to know yourself & finding your TRUE sources of energy.

  2. Become a master at INTENTIONAL PLANNING around your top stressors! Bring awareness to where most of your stress stems from & learn to become more proactive in targeting those specific stressors!

  3. STOP COMPARING! All families (and children) are different & there is no "one size fits all" for this one, ladies! Though it is great to read up on milestones, child development, motherhood hacks, etc. Don't start playing the comparison game! This "innocent" little game can become extremely detrimental to your mental health.

  4. Keep your PRE-BABY(IES) PASSIONS & HOBBIES alive & kickin'! In order to be a great mom, you do not need to drop everything that doesn't directly involve your child... Continuing to do things we love can help us maintain higher levels of joy & happiness, which is when we show up as our best selves for both ourselves & our families.

  5. ASK FOR HELP! There is no golden ticket for the amount that you can put on your plate & complete without any help (at the expense of your own mental health...almost always!). When people say, "Let me know if you need anything!", practice being honest when you really do. This level of transparency with loved ones is something that will be appreciated on both ends!

Looking to drop the stress & feel great, while showing up for both you & your family? Reach out or comment "Ready"! We will get you exactly where you want to be, Mama!

With so much love & gratitude,

The Proactive Woman

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