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Elevate Your Life with Organization

Happy Sunday!

Today, we're diving into the transformative power of organization and the impact a defined daily routine & clean organized household can have on your life.

Learning to Craft Your Ideal Daily Routine

Whether you're a seasoned planner or new to the concept, the benefits of having an organized life and a well-defined daily routine are countless.

When thinking about organization, there are 3 crucial areas that I think everyone should focus on!

Mental Organization & Clarity

  • How are you managing & organizing your daily thoughts & decision making?

  • Are your thoughts creating a lot of unnecessary anxiety & stress?

  • Do you have a process of organizing your thoughts & decompressing from a long day?

Schedule/Productivity Organization

  • Do you have a system in place that allows for high levels of productivity?

  • Do you feel stressed about upcoming tasks & deadlines?

  • Does your family have a smooth flow each day with a pretty regular, predictable routine

Organization of Your Physical Space

  • Are your physical spaces cluttered or well organized? (bedroom, kitchen counters, playroom, living room, bathroom, desk space, etc.)

  • Do you look around your house & just see project after project? (ex: "I need to organize that closet", "We have so many shoes, the closet door barely shuts", "I need to clean out the junk drawer again", "The garage is a mess & so cluttered")

  • Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes with your physical space?

Let's get started & start applying some helpful strategies & tips! (Grab a journal of piece of paper!)

Step 1: Assess Your Current State

  • Take a moment to analyze your current daily routine. What habits contribute positively to your day, and where do you find room for improvement?

  • Identify any activities that may be hindering your productivity or well-being.

  • What are your biggest stressors right now in your life?

  • What is going well in your life right now?

Step 2: Define Your Priorities 

  • What are your values & priorities?

  • Consider your short-term and long-term goals. What activities and habits align with these objectives? Prioritize the tasks that will contribute most significantly to your personal and professional growth. Make a list of these specific tasks.

Step 3: Create a Structured Routine 

  • Craft a daily schedule that incorporates your priorities, allowing time for work, self-care, and leisure. Be realistic about your commitments and ensure your routine is both challenging and achievable. Don't forget to include moments of mindfulness and relaxation.

  • What routines/habits are you planning to shift for yourself? Your kids? Your work life? How will they shift?

  • What might be some obstacles that could potentially pop up while setting up & establishing new routines? How will you handle them? (Create solutions ahead of time for these obstacles)

Step 4: Commit to Consistency 

  • The key to success lies in consistency. Make a commitment to stick to your defined routine for the next 30 days, minimum.

  • Track your progress and adjust as needed, staying flexible while maintaining a sense of structure.

  • If something doesn't go perfectly, don't completely fall off & start reverting back to the past. Follow the rule of never missing 2 in a row! This can be a great mentality to have when establishing a new habit.

  • For example, if your new habit/goal is to journal each day in the morning & you miss one morning, get back to it the next day & never allow yourself to miss twice in a row.

Bonus Tips & Resources: Organize Your Physical Space 

Consider tidying up your physical space as well. A clutter-free environment can enhance focus and creativity, contributing to an overall sense of well-being.

Take a second to make a list of all of the physical spaces/organizational projects that are on your mind when it comes to you home & work spaces. Create a plan to check off these projects at a pace that makes sense for your life (maybe starting with the goal of 1 project per week & evaluate how that goes/feels for you)

A clean & organized physical space contributes immensely to our mental clarity in life! (Don't believe me, look it up! You'll find thousands of research studies & sources around this topic alone)

Some of my favorite organizational items for around the house:

Here's to paving a path to a more organized and purposeful life.

Are you ready to take control of your day and elevate your life through organization? 

Let's make each day count!



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